Accelerate Your Business By Creating A Culture of AI-Powered Innovation

Leveraging AI to reduce the burden of rote work, create efficiencies, and give employees time to focus on the work that’s meaningful to them 


AI & Innovation Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Growth Advisor... Rolled Into One

Brad Costanzo is a sought-after consultant and keynote speaker renowned for his expertise in fostering innovation and championing the utilization of AI and marketing to drive business growth.

As the founder of Accelerated Intelligence, he empowers organizations with cutting-edge strategies, he catalyzes their productivity, creativity, and ingenuity. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Brad leverages innovative thinking and technology to conquer complex challenges, transforming Human Resources into Superhuman Resources. 

With a remarkable track record of problem-solving, Brad Costanzo is the go-to expert for businesses seeking groundbreaking solutions and entrepreneurial inspiration.

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Transforming Your Human Resources Into SuperHuman Resources 

Leverage AI to reduce the burden of rote work, create efficiencies, and give employees time to focus on the work that’s meaningful

Entrepreneurs & Executives Face An Uncertain Future...

Everyone knows that running a business or a leading a team can be exhausting.

Disruptive competitors, technological advances and inefficient employees can derail an organization’s plans for growth.

Businesses thrive when its valuable human resources are thinking critically and creatively to solve problems and seize opportunities.

Marketing and Innovation are the hinges that swing the other door

Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has only 2 functions: Marketing and Innovation...

Marketing and Innovation produce results.

All the rest are costs.

~ Peter Drucker

Discover a New Catalyst for Business Growth & Profitability

AI and Automation are game-changers, enabling businesses to achieve quantum leaps in productivity, creativity, profitability, and employee satisfaction.  

Using my simple approach, we'll develop a tailored AI strategy that empowers your team to embrace innovation, transform your business, and avoid burnout. You'll outpace the competition and shape a thriving future, focusing on what truly matters: driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer value.

By combining decades of experience in Growth and Innovation

I'm able to help organizations and executives...

  • Innovate in their everyday work
  • Seize opportunities that can transform their business 
  • Unleash dormant creativity and productivity
  • While avoiding burnout and complacency 

Discover How My Company Can Future-Proof Yours... 

Discover How Artificial Intelligence,

Robotic Process Automation and Business Strategy Can Help You And Your Team Achieve The Impossible

Innovation Consulting

Harness the power of innovation to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition. Get guided through strategic planning, creative thinking, and resource optimization, ensuring your business thrives in a rapidly evolving market.

Artificial Intelligence For Growth

Unlock the potential of AI in your marketing and growth efforts. From predictive analytics to personalized customer experiences, our AI marketing solutions deliver targeted and measurable results. Stay at the forefront of marketing technology and revolutionize your brand’s engagement with customers.

Strategic Business Advisory

Create a clear and compelling path to achieve your business goals or reinvent your business model by giving you access to a proven framework that has allowed businesses of all sizes to seize opportunities and differentiate from the competition. 

Engaging, Compelling & Energetic Keynote Speaking

A dynamic keynote that delivers expert speeches that inspire, motivate, educate and entertain. 

His deep experience that spans business, marketing, innovation and AI lets him adapt his content to the audience and the event planner's needs resulting in a highly memorable experience.

Whether you're looking to ignite innovation, drive business growth, or empower your team to embrace AI's potential, Brad's engaging  presentations will leave your audience energized. See how Brad can make your next event a resounding success...

Keynotes & Workshop Topics Include

AI-Driven Innovation For Business Breakthroughs

  • See how real businesses are deploying AI to increase revenue and profit
  • Discover how micro-innovations create macro results
  • Actionable steps to future-proof your organization and seize new opportunities 

Superhuman Resources & A Culture of Innovation

  • Unleash your team's potential with AI-driven innovation
  • Foster a culture of creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvement
  • Empower your team to become superhuman problem-solvers

Dreamstorming Billion Dollar Business Visions

  • Discover a new (better) method of brainstorming big visions into reality
  • Brings your entire team into rapid alignment 
  • Enables bigger visions while reducing risks of failure

Speaking & Workshop Feedback

Corporate Workshop for Sandestin Resort

Jack Canfield's Annual Conference

Sizzling Hot Business Advice Guaranteed To Make You Fat... PROFITS!"


JessE Itzler
Serial Entrepreneur, Author

"I love everything you've done for me and my brand Brad, and really appreciate the opportunity to have worked with you on it. You're very strategic and know how to spot big opportunities!"

UFC Champion & Entrepreneur

"Brad is a marketing genius. He's helped me tremendously with my brand, business and generating new opportunities and his AI expertise is gamechanging."

CEO, Organifi

"Brad was instrumental in helping to get my business and brand off the ground. Now we're #134 on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.

CEO, OTOMO Enterprise

"Working with Brad is one of the best decisions I've made as a CEO. I've gotten tremendous value from every interaction. He's a brilliant strategist, well networked and prolific"

FORBES & Entrepreneur

"Brad has a unique super power to collect and recall profitable strategies that apply across industries and to connect and build the right relationships for his clients."

Real Estate Entrepreneur

"When I'm stuck, Brad has an uncanny ability to bring me unique ideas because he looks at the world differently. He brings tremendous value."

Founder, CEO at WebNutrients

Brad is the business brains you need. His access and connectivity is incredible. His creativity, at the highest levels, is unmatched. And his heart is in the right place. 

Within 6-months of meeting Brad, he provided the platform and introductions to the incredible people who have become the bedrock of my business.

In addition, Brad Costanzo blew my mind with his dynamic marketing concepts that are many levels above the high-end (Nike/CPG) talent I had tapped for my business.

Founder, CEO at LeadPops

Brad is a brilliant strategist, and a constant source of relevant, thought-provoking ideas with a ton of knowledge on all things marketing, business development, and AI.

Brad's also great at connecting people. Just a couple of his strategies helped us bring in an immediate $50K+ with little effort.

I highly recommend Brad as a consultant to anyone that's looking to grow their business and/or professionally.

Ready To Make Magic Together?

Whether you need a speaker, strategist or a consultant to help you future-proof your business in this rapidly changing world, I can help you clear the path.