One of the most highly sought business consultants, Brad is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to business owners, executives and a celebrity or two. 

Clients have described him as a

Powerful Catalyst With Potent Ideas Who Brings Clarity And Brilliance To Business Challenges."

He is the founder of Costanzo Marketing Group, Costanzo Capital and the host of the "Bacon Wrapped Business" where he uncovers what's working now with some of the top business experts in the world.

My Journey...

If you're anything like me, you care less about my journey and more about what my journey can do for you. Let's face it, you aren't here because you need to read another story.

But my background matters because it's given me the perspective and experience to help others, maybe even you.

Personally, I live in San Diego, directly on the beach, with my wife Kenia and love For over a decade now I've been in the trenches starting, running and consulting businesses. 

But I began my career as a financial advisor with Prudential Securities and as much as I enjoyed helping clients invest their capital, it wasn't the business I was called to do. 

The Great Recession of 2008 gave me the opportunity to REINVENT my entire life.

I had always been a natural at sales and relationships but I knew very little about marketing and running a business. So I took the opportunity to start both a digital publishing business and a software business during a devastating economy.

It paid off.

Both businesses flourished immediately with very little effort and I lived happily ever after.

Oh, if that were only the case.

The software business was a short-term success but ultimately the iPhone put us out of business.

My publishing business took a full year before I pulled a penny out of it and it served as a marketing laboratory allowing me to learn, test, fail, learn and test again.

Eventually I was able to sell the publishing business to a group of overseas investors and reinvent myself as a consultant.

I loved consulting because I got to contribute to and experience the wins with my clients without the risk and hassle of starting and running my own business again.

And it allowed me to focus on what I'm really good at... creating winning marketing campaigns that generate needle-moving revenues that keep businesses on track to meet and exceed their goals

Of course, like all entrepreneurs, an idea struck to start new businesses. Some worked, some didn't.

Since then, I found it was often easier to acquire or partner with existing businesses and stay in the lane where I FLOW and add the most value possible.

I've since acquired multiple companies or stakes in companies and am very happy to see them flourish.

A Catalyst...

Their words, not mine, but I'll take it.

My clients and partners have described the value I bring to the table as a catalyst that ignites an exciting chain reaction to stimulate business and personal growth. 

It's been said that ideas without execution are worthless...

That's not only wrong, it's dangerous to undervalue the sheer power of the right idea at the right time. 

I put tremendous value on ideas and the ideation process and then I follow it up with a plan to execute while keeping it as simple as possible. 

In addition to working with clients privately, I am a partner and the Head of Strategy at the premier agency for experts to build their empires.

Speaking of keeping things simple, I've gone on way too long about myself than I'm comfortable with. If you want to see how I work or get in touch with me, follow the instructions below.

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