Reframe Your Startup Fears As An Art Project

Art is a human act, a generous contribution, something that might not work, and it is intended to change the recipient for

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This Is Better Than Being An Entrepreneur And It Makes All The Difference

There's a lot of people trying to seduce people into being an entrepreneur, showing the glamour of it all, but the cold

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Why Ideas Without Execution Are Not Worthless

It's been said that “Ideas without execution are worthless.” I actually don't believe that I don't believe that ideas without execution are

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Can You Become More Persuasive And Credible By Asking Better Questions?

If you want to build credibility and increase your power to persuade, ask better questions instead of trying to give the best the

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3 Quick Hacks To Get Better At Being Your Best

If I do “my best” with this article, you’ll walk away (or click away) with a cool tool you can use to

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The World’s Most Successful People Have This Invisible-Skill in Common

The highest paid people in life have one primary and often-invisible skill in common. It’s invisibility stems from the fact that it

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