In all areas of life, change is thrust upon us, often forcing us to adapt and be flexible simply to survive

But when we make the choice to transform a significant part of our life or business, we awaken a powerful force to not just shift, but to reinvent.

Reinvention happens to entrepreneurs who decide to pivot their business model and serve their market in new ways.  Often this is tumultuous and can wreak havoc, but done right, it can lead to industry disrupting innovation. 

Many entrepreneurs have made the decision to leave their corporate careers and blaze an independent path, starting their own business. 

Others, like myself, had the decision thrust on them by the company, leaving them (and me) a choice to pursue another job or create a new path, reinventing our environments, actions, capabilities, beliefs and even our identities. 

Change isn’t always fun. But reinvention can be the most exciting thing we do as people or as a first.

Once the thrill of the new path wears off, it’s common to face a dip in clarity, confidence and excitement. 

This dip brings feeling of confusion, doubt, fear and second thoughts. 

This critical point is what separates those who successfully step into new identities from those who fall back into familiarity or complete failure. 


You have been released from a company, voluntarily or not, but you know it’s a good thing. You are ready for change. You embrace it. 

You want to immerse yourself into a new identify and build the necessary skills and confidence to step into a bigger role for your career and your life.

Your business has plateaued, or begun to slide backwards. There's life in it and life in you. But you need to pivot - fast!

You're ready, you've done this before, but you need a second opinion, a birds eye view, helping to give you clarity and confidence you're on the right path. 

Are Not Alone.

As a serial re-inventor, I have successfully pivoted from employee to entrepreneur and CEO to mentor, advisor and partner. 

And I have helped many others make the critical leaps across the line that separates “good enough” from “greatness”.

The key to successful reinvention is to get clarity on what, certainty on how and realistic with the obstacles in your way.

If you’re facing a critical juncture in your life or business and would like to explore the resources and help I might be able to provide, click the button below to apply for a consultation.

“Everyone wants to be different...
No one wants to change”