How To Grow Your Business Without Stress Or Complexity...

Since you're reading this right now, I probably made you curious about how I can help grow and scale your business without complexity, stress or overwhelm.

If you are already a successful business owner who wants to grow...

But you're a little overwhelmed with too much stuff coming at you...

And you have assets and a customer base that loves you...

And you love marketing, want to get better at it...

And you love simplicity and stripping everything down to focus on one thing at a time and then repeating this over and over…

I can change your world. 

Every Business Owner Knows…

Growing your business is sometimes difficult. When things slow down and you feel like you’re stuck in a traffic jam or you take a detour and find yourself lost without a GPS and it feels confusing. If you could only get more customers, more often.

You imagine your business growing and being able to pay yourself what you’re worth and even have your business run smoothly without you doing all the work because your team and your systems have you covered. That would be nice.

That’s peace of mind… 

And that's one of the benefits you receive when you understand how to market and grow your business.

With my help, you will understand how your business grows; know how to drive crowds of loyal customers to your business and your website and you will know what to say to them when they get there, know how to take advantage of the opportunity; and how to make the sale with ease.

Having started, operated, sold and even acquired businesses, I have intimate experience of the challenges entrepreneurs and executives face as well as how to capitalize on opportunities. 

I didn’t start off consulting, rather I chose it as a natural talent and offshoot of conversations I began having after selling my first two companies.

And if I can help you, this page will explain how.

First understand, the offer on this page isn’t for everyone.

I’m not selling you a product or a program. There are no prices or fees down below.

But I am inviting you to decide if you’d like to take the wild and risky step of getting on the phone with me and seeing if a simple conversation leads to a profitable investment for you.

The companies, clients and people I work with have one thing in common:

They want to grow without stress, complexity or overwhelm.

They need clarity on what to do, the capability to get it done and the confidence that it will work.

They understand the value of a mentor, advisor and sometimes a partner to help them think more strategically, execute more efficiently and get results more rapidly.

The LAST thing my clients want are:

  • ...a bunch of ideas to throw at the wall. 
  • ..."hacks,"  hyperbole or theories
  • ...more stuff to add to their already busy plate

They simply want me to figure out exactly what they should do and then help them do it.

My skill set is lopsided, but highly effective.

I'm a growth strategist who's really good at creative copy, positioning and innovative methods to find leverage and open big doors using little hinges.

Recently a client decided to refer me to one of their colleagues after working together for 3 years and helping his revenues to double.

In the email he copied me on, he described me as following...

Brad’s a powerful catalyst… It’s hard to explain how he does it, but he brings innovative solutions, clarity and some real brilliance to business challenges."

The Chain Reacation

You see, if I’ve learned one thing by working with over a hundred business owners in dozens of industries, it’s the power of a chain reaction.

It’s one of the most powerful forces in nature, I mean it fuels nuclear energy and viral marketing and probably stars. (I didn’t feel like Googling that, I just like to think it fuels stars).

But chain reactions can be productive or destructive.

If you have the wrong pieces in place at the wrong time or with the wrong people, it can create a cascading effect of problems.

As a result, you end up reacting to all sorts of problems, doing manic marketing and trying to fix what’s not working.

Sometimes the problem you’re trying to fix isn’t the actual problem at all, but a symptom of another problem further back in the chain.

But when you do the right things, the right way at the right time…

When you identify the critical elements in your business and assess what’s missing or what could be shifted and improved…

It can (and always does) create a powerful chain reaction… a giant domino effect that can transform your business quicker and easier than you could imagine.

But finding that domino on your own is extremely hard to do.

Even I need an outside perspective to help me solve the challenges in my own business, often the same ones I help others solve.

That’s because we are so close to all the details in our business, down in the weeds, hacking away every day with little time to zoom out, shift perspectives and ask different questions.

Often the answer isn’t just a simple marketing campaign or tactic. It’s typically something in the Business Chain, something foundational that’s either missing or incomplete.

For example...

The first thing we do is assess whether the business has all 4 categories of sales processes in place. Missing just one of these can wreck your chances at profitability.

Then we examine the 8 critical links in the marketing chain and stress test each of them to look for the weakest link and what we need to reinforce.

If we stopped here and got these two things right we’d be 80% of the way to simplifying and scaling your business.

I think you’re starting to get it.

Once the strategic foundation is in place, it becomes easy to knock down the dominos.

But first, you have to set the dominos up.

And the secret to this step is to start at the enQd and work your way backwards.

By reverse engineering the process, you can eliminate nearly all of the unnecessary components that create complexity and overwhelm.

This leaves you with a simple path to profitability.

But How Do You Know I Can Help YOU?

Many business owners feel their situation is unique. And it is, but the frameworks I use have helped hundreds of clients in dozens of industries.

  • From SaaS to service based business such as agencies and professionals, I’ve helped them refine their messaging and create irresistible offers that actually create demand.
  • I’ve helped launch innovative food and beverage brands and build communities and tribes of loyal customers both before, during and after purchases.
  • I’ve helped innovative app companies create profitable growth and acquire new users.
  • And I’ve helped celebrities and highly recognized personal brands reinvent themselves into thought leaders while adding new profit centers that are easy to manage
  • And many more.

Since I only work with individuals and companies who are in business now, have offers, products or services in place and are investing money into marketing...

I discovered a few insights that so many consultants miss.

I know that most entrepreneurs and executives are busy, spinning plates while being pulled in a multiple directions.

Adding complex, novel ideas often does more harm than good. Even if the ideas are better than what they’re currently doing.

I also know that time is more valuable than money.

And compressing the time it takes to learn and implement proven strategies, shortcutting the process of building positive momentum and course correcting along the way is the way that successful people operate.

Now imagine what could happen if you’re able to find the catalyst for the chain reaction in your business, the domino that causes everything to else to fall effortlessly and beautifully.

Imagine how it would change your business.

I’m going to find that for you.

You don’t have to worry about making time to implement dozens of ideas that will only overwhelm you.

You don’t have to create a giant to-do list.

We will just focus on starting the chain reaction.

As a result, you could double your revenue (and profit) while cutting your stress and overwhelm in half.

If that sounds like something you want…

Here’s how I can help you.

First, so that we value each other’s time, you complete a brief intake form explaining what you’re trying to accomplish, overcome or figure out.

Second, if I feel I can help you, we will have a focused triage call that allows us both to see if we might be a fit. And I’ll help you any way that I can during our call.

Although I do not have a one-size fits all consulting program. All of my consulting focuses on finding the right chain reaction in you business to start, helping you implement that and then finding the next domino to knock down.

If you’re accepted into my private client group I can guarantee you’ll be thrilled because I’ve done this many times.

Here’s How To Apply
I’ve created an application process to filter out any tire-kickers or flakes.

  1. 1
    You’ll see the link to the application at the bottom of this letter.
  2. 2
    After you fill it out, I’ll review it personally. 
  3. 3
    If I think we *might* be a good fit, I’ll have my assistant, reach out to you and schedule a call.
  4. 4
    That call will be maybe 30 minutes and if I think we’re a good match, I’ll invite you to participate.

If you feel like this is right for you, click the “Apply Now” link below and fill out an application before the remaining spots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity for good.

WARNING - Time Is A Factor

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people.

Also, you should realize there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from me, and what I’m offering to you is unprecedented.

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long.

If you feel like this is right for you, click here, leave your application and let’s talk.


First, you complete a brief survey (below) explaining what you’re trying to accomplish, overcome or figure out.


Second, if I feel I can help you, we will have a short, focused phone call that allows us to know if we might be a fit or not.

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